Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Your Thyroid and Weight loss – The Connection is Real

The thyroid writes a good part of their metabolism malfunction or disease is rife, in this May, until you get to problems in metabolism lead to a severe problem with his weight - who could be the weight, the weight to lose, or you can demonstrate that the Weight loss is more difficult than usual.

These arrangements plan, which was not incorporated, as their thyroid and metabolism May, to its programme for weight reduction. Most experts and even the tone in the media and to recommend that the best way to lose weight is to reduce calories.

A person who holds an illness called hyperthyroidism suffer under one function of the thyroid, one of them with their metabolism rose unabated. If this is the case, then it is likely to decline rapidly. It is a proposal for beautiful want to lose weight. However, it is really hazardous to health.

In addition to medical problems such an illness also a period with weight problems as a result. These people have problems with the weight and maintenance from May Avis renflement weakness and the eyes. This disease May need a special treatment of doctors.

Hypothyroidism, on the other side of the work in the other direction - the slowing of metabolism of the body until the gains weight at an incredible speed. Like the hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism leads to a general weakness in the organism. It is quite possible that need special treatment and can cause serious health problems if they are not paid, not the attention.

Everything reduces the calories in itself can be very difficult for most people - imagine the people who are in life and death struggles at the supermarket with a view to the possibility of more liquidity to buy sweets, some have exactly the opposite problem.

Instead of eating too many calories - that's a problem in itself, eat too little, as calories.

Problem? What problem
The problem is that some of them believe that the experts say that they reduce the calories, cut too many calories to better results. Unfortunately, it is not so. Everything reduces the calories to food, the calorie consumption pressed the small body to collect the metabolism of the body slowly, at the least amount of energy.

If your body this way, your body work in this metabolism is slower than the weight loss becomes impossible. The technology should reduce the calories in your body without their metabolism to slow. Only then decrease slightly.

Another problem arises May by the reduction of the metabolism, is that if your metabolism is slowing down due to a drastic reduction in the metabolism, and then suddenly a good meal, sincere, full meals calories, you're the face of more weight, because the increase in the surplus of energy.

Therefore, it is a very balanced meal is between those who try to lose weight. The sudden loss and increasing the calories are causing an imbalance in his own consumption of energy, which directly affect the deposits of fats.

Here is a simple bill to help you, the amount of calories per day are needed to meet the nutrients in balance.

First, multiply your weight in kilograms by 30 If you do not know your weight in pounds divided by 2.2, to find the equivalent in English. We share this number 30, because the number of calories you need to your weight per book.

For example, if your weight in pounds is 150 divided by 2.2. This gives you a value of 68.18. It is your weight in kilograms. Multiply this by 30 to reach and the amount of calories per day are needed to 150 lbs.

You can use a nutritionist to help you to lose weight. At the end it is up to all the teaching of mathematics. If you more about their body needs, what will count as fat. It is perhaps a good time to consider the return of packaging edible.

Try your diet by 40% protein, 25% fat and 35% carbohydrate meals to 300 calories per meal. Disclosure of these foods in one day for optimal results.

If May, a simple calculation for the achievement of the numbers, please do not forget the above-mentioned fact that the body adapts to his condition. The suspension of extreme May and you will find results that never wanted. Attend a diététiste for tips.

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