Saturday, July 12, 2008

Green Tea Weight Loss Plan

Many people now turning to low-cost natural green tea and weight loss plans to show them in their efforts to control the weight. It is too easy. Green tea, like any other tea, usually without milk or sweeteners, or if you like the taste can not buy extracts from green tea.

Research has shown that green tea reduces the emphasis on promoting the body the process of thermogenesis, thus energy costs and the oxidation of fats in the body. Numerous compounds in the plants have this effect. The peculiarity of green tea is not to increase the heart rate and therefore the reputation that the power supply is safer than the pill, as ephidrine also to an increase in thermogenesis.

Many people who korpulent have or are in danger of developing high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems, so the fact that green tea is not to put pressure on the heart indeed a good choice. Ephidrine generally not advisable if you are in this group, but green tea is considered safe option. This means that they increase their exercise, without the risk of heart disease.

There are only two ways to lose weight: It is a way to eat less (fewer calories) and the other is the rising cost of energy (with more calories). Green tea is to increase production in May and about 4%. Most scientists believe that this is due to the high amount of Catechin that can be found in tea and its extracts.

Green tea also has the advantage that contain powerful antioxidants and May the good for your health in many ways to strengthen the immune system and protect against the disease.

Remember that green tea contains caffeine and should therefore be cut off, coffee and other forms of tea, while driving. Decaffeinated green tea is not recommended because the chemical processes that are used to remove caffeine, the destruction of the positive properties of the plant.

At the same time is needed to control what you eat. If you eat more to the calories of tea, you lose no weight. But even the consumption of calories, you are now and should take green tea by the progressive weight loss and improvement of the energy consumption for a couple weeks. Of course, you can speed this reduction in the consumption of heat and / or increase the financial year.

Green tea is a simple, easy and inexpensive to control the weight of the aid, which can easily be in any weight loss program. The selection of tea or extract offers something for everyone. Science and safe, green tea weight loss should be on the agenda if you want to keep the weight permanently.

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