Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quick Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

There are many people with much to increase your metabolism. Since a high degree of protection burning metabolism of fats and decrease rapidly with fewer activities. The metabolism is the rate that the body and energy and calories consumed, the life support.

There are several factors that influence the metabolism of a person, as the amount of muscle tissue, the frequency of meals consumed, genetics, stress, nutrition and employees of the activity. Verlangsamt the metabolism of the following reasons: the loss of muscle due to lack of physical activity, the tendency of the body's own tissue cannibalism, because there is enough food to the energy and the reduction of physical activity that comes naturally to the Age pension.

There are several ways to start your metabolism:

1st On the basis of lean, body mass media. It is only natural that more than metabolism decreases with age, but it is possible the effects. The amount of muscle a person has a very strong critical to the ability to burn calories and for the elimination of fats. It is understood that the exercise is crucial. To the strength and endurance of the development of at least two times per week, preferably with weights. Is Easy exercises between meetings. For simple tasks like walking the dog to use the stairs instead of the elevator, and can remove calories. The key is to adjust the amount you eat in the quantity of activities, either. Here are some guidelines so that the exercise of the right:

For the training in force

-- Increase the number of repetitions of the exercise.
-- Adding to resistance
-- Using techniques of the beginning of the fiscal year, if possible,

For cardiovascular training

-- Load the intervals between exercises
-- The training and the conduct of combined exercises
-- Add in the strength and speed

2nd Eating breakfast. Many people neglect the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Strangely, those who eat breakfast are thinner than those who do not. May metabolism will slow if they are taken during the mid-morning breakfast, or if you wait until the afternoon to eat.

3rd Avoid sugar. Sugar, the body to store fat. It is recommended that a person consumes the food that helps the blood sugar levels. In addition gradually execerise 2-3 times per week, the aim of stabilizing the blood glucose level.

4th Eating spicy foods. Hot cooked with peppers can increase the metabolism.

5th Sleep. According to the studies it is dangerous to people who do not sleep enough to support the weight. In addition, the muscles regenerate over the last few hours sleep.

6th Increase the consumption of water. In cases where the water of toxic substances which are produced when the body burns fat. Most bodily functions including water, and the lack of water leads the body of the system of operations to reduce the speed, and causes unnecessary stress as a result.

7th Eating smaller meals. It is recommended to consume 4 to 6 small meals is that time is 2 to 3 hours.

8th Never skip meals. People tend to skip meals to lose weight, this is a serious mistake, because it slows down the metabolism.

9th Plan your meals in detail. Always the quantity of food, in the intervals. Do not make the mistake to eat meals in the isolated modes.

9th Fossé stress! The stress that they physical or emotional triggers the release of steroid hormone cortisol, which lowers the metabolism. People also tend to much, if pointed out.

10th Guzzle the green tea. It can be used as a substitute for coffee. Tea has the ability to stimulate the metabolism and, unlike coffee, no adverse side effects, if consumption.

11st Include more energy from food in the food, such as fruit and vegetables, beans and whole grains.

The achievement of body weight is not possible if the determination and patience needed to stabilize the metabolism, which had an important role in weight loss. A person must determine that the food is good and it is not only a transition from fantasy, but a way of life.

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