Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Aerobic Exercise and Weight Loss: A Positive Relationship

The moderate aerobics room is an activity that must be supported over a longer period, it is rhythm in nature and requires the use of large muscle groups. Its services range from reducing the impact of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. Improve the mental well-being and yes! They help to lose weight. The exercise of aerobic and weight loss have a positive relationship, such as the first calories to lose what to achieve this.

How much energy that you use when you do depends on the performance of his weight, length and the pressure necessary to the exercise and of course the real! I will list the calories for 10mis of various exercises of the participants a woman is 53 kg. To play tennis and offers a simple copy of a measly 60 calories (BAH!) Dancing missing until 80calories burns. Swimming chest, a poor, who back a little more 90calories which simultaneously a kind of winner with 113calories. The relationship between aerobic exercise and weight loss is only true when it burned at least 300 calories per session.

I should explain how the previous year. Sports facilities, the fewer calories burned, that it is not only the exercises. This is because, although these are the times, with high energy episodes (escape from a balloon think basketball is hurtling in his face), you can also after reaching the rest periods, which the frequency to slow heart failure (think, to play tennis with a beginner), therefore, if they are dead serious, in some aerobic exercises and weight loss forget the sports and social work on him alone. Although not swim very well in the computer calories, is less strenuous on the muscles and joints when compared to other significant impact. Finally, if you do not really perceive the time to walk, much more! Walking burn 44 calories per serving, 10 minutes and is definitely not better than exercise for all.

The exercise of aerobic and weight loss is only a dream, if you're a warrior at the weekend. The recommendation is 3 to 5 times per week for the exercise and each session lasts about half an hour. This time you can start slowly to your body, is not too long for you to your muscles. This includes 5-10 minutes eash heating and cooling. This is absolutely essential, as it expands and relaxes the muscles, the prevention of injuries.

The exercise of aerobic and weight loss go hand in hand. But more haste slowly. Do not be too much, and if one's head in hours fiscal ambitious scheme. Listen to your body and progress to a higher level, if you think that you're ready. You can also use the process of perception and do not burn: absolutely vital for the maintenance of his regime and keep your weight under control

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