Monday, July 7, 2008

A Closer Look at Birth Control Weight Loss Pills

A few years ago, a breakthrough in the field of contraception and the power supply occurred. Some of birth control, weight loss pill was founded and has promised that women in unwanted pregnancies and to avoid allowing them to lose weight at the same time.

The drug is known as Yasmin and caused a big rumor in the market for the women. Berlex Laboratories, the pill and the origin than any other ordinary pill for the control of births. However, attempts against the retention of liquids or weight gain in combination with other oral contraceptives. The pill was published in 2001, but its ability to reduce the weight of its users was discovered a year later.

And if a study by experts in order to remove the rumours behind the alleged of birth control, weight loss pill. The researchers have a test on 300 women and analyzed their weight at the start of the test phase. Then they have to take Yasmin, while about six months. After this time, the researchers found that women who regularly checks of births, weight loss pill lost an average of two books.

The researchers, the investigation found that the pill contains a special type of diuretic that prevents the fluid retention in the body. Therefore, a reduction of liquids, the weight of the person becomes less and less over time.

Yasmin has a lot of noise, because the pill, while the weight gain results in some people. That is why many women wary of oral contraceptives and other methods of contraception favorite place. But because Yasmin an effect on the women, most brands immediately. This is what he has done rightly called Yasmin, as the control of births, weight loss pill.

But the doctors continue to insist that control of births, weight loss pill is a pill for the control of births. It must not only save weight to lose, anyway. The weight loss effect of the pill as the only side effect. And there are no studies that show their long-term effect on the body. Previously, some women said that they have lost the weight, weight while taking Yasmin was purchased, after a year or right immediately after taking the pill.

In other words, it is important that the use of oral contraceptives such as weight with caution. Only applications, as required. It is not only the abuse of substances produce, as it impacts on the body. Adequate nutrition and regular exercise is always the best solution to the weight of their problems.

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