Monday, September 15, 2008

The Diet Industry Doesn’t Care If You Lose Weight!

In Western cultures, we have been bombarded by this display after announcement of the promotion of a healthy diet food, or the gymnasium or the fame of the new video-fitness Diet Program / Recipes / miracle weight loss program. The pictures are everywhere, with a press release, praises the virtues of thin to do than bad.

"Weight Loss Help is at hand, bleats the food industry," our product "... but the electricity supply industry, in the best interest of the heart?

The answer is simple: a big No, I do not.

They have an interest, and it is the money. The money, profits, pay to their shareholders. The power supply industry has at least interested in losing weight and absolutely no interest in the preservation of the weight. Just think of them. When people lose weight, with its products and keep everything happens for their own benefit and business? It would be decimated!

The scheme, the needs of industry in the system of purchase and consumption of their products, so they fats profits to its shareholders pay.

The real problem with the diet is that the industry to maximize the benefits they need in order to minimize their costs. And what about the farce loads of food, cheap and components.

One of the first things that go on food products is sugar. Raffinierten sugar are bad for us, which is totally right, they May. But instead of investing in a decent, healthy alternative (Stevia) in the food industry, that the artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

Now you can say: "But this is not the sugar, so it is more healthy" or "There is approved by the FDA or another component pre-programmed. Let me tell you that Aspartame is - is a neuro-toxins, clear and simple. They even easier to understand - which kills your brain! It is dangerous! Aspartame is found in many countries with many others, taking into account the ban, however, appears increasingly in the diet of foods, particularly in the United States and United Kingdom.

Tube Still, aspartame actually sabotage your diet, because it seems that the people want, the carbohydrates. If you have a nutrition and weight loss, then after helping to avoid the aspartame.

One of the major industrial filled diet of wheat. The nutrition of the food industry farce love with wheat proteins, because it is cheap! And cheaper means of services! Many people have an intolerance to wheat to a certain extent, which tends to swelling and the feeling of fatty acids, which does nothing to help your diet and not that you believe, very thin.

Therefore, ultimately, the food does not have their best interests at heart. You want to fats and humiliating, because there is more to its advantages!

What can we do to have a weight loss aid? For more information about healthy nutrition, balanced diet and you will find that there is no need to turn the food industry products weight loss, but you can eat a healthier diet is much cheaper, is much more effective help to lose weight.

Do you not think a word, I would like to say here on these fillings, I ask you forcefully. Go to their online research and the truth to see that you have your weight loss helps.

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