Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weight Loss and Exercise - What Exercises Are The Best?

The weight loss and exercise. Yes, they have a positive relationship, but the exercise will help you lose your points in love. The exercises can be divided into aerobic and anaerobic exercises. I will suspend two, so he lit, so you can do, informed decisions, does his best to weight loss.

What aerobics? That depends on you to break, like a sweat of the work of moderate intensity over a period of half an hour. This works your heart and lungs by more oxygen, so he opposed the exercise. The expenditure of energy comes from your body fat and fat will also burned a few hours after his training. Therefore, for certain, weight loss and exercise because it is true, aerobics room burns fat directly. These exercises suitable for jogging, swimming or tennis singles. Sports team is not very ideal aerobic exercise, since accidentally get rest periods, so that your heart rate down.
Anaerobic exercises on the other hand, you can take breaks between because of the importance of the efforts necessary. You can also May May breaks or not in a sweat. Remember, repetitions in a climate and gym time and the necessary few minutes pause between each series. For the anaerobic exercises that you do not need as much oxygen. Therefore, it is carbohydrates (no fat), burns, but it is also important in every program for weight reduction. (This process requires a long biological explanation that I can not explain.) May does not seem to be in line with its equation of weight reduction and exercise. But fat burning, but indirectly. Because of the explosive nature of the business year anaerobic, builds your muscles, revving their metabolic rate and burns fat, even after the year!

From experience, the weight of resistance is undoubtedly effective in reducing weight, that aerobic exercise. Knocking the school regularly hunger has given me all hours, and I could make it to all my favorite foods without gaining weight. Weight training is the highest metabolic rate 24 hours a day, Why? The muscles are "must" and "feed" the amount of fat. That is the reason why some people believe, hunger all the time are still on weight.
In addition, the relationship between weight loss and the exercise was less important channel and aerobics,. I have learned that if I cut my appetite is just aerobics. As the only fat is burned during the training, and after a certain time. You have to exercise frequently and for longer periods of time to discard weight.

Knowing we should not run, gym and the start of training like an animal fierce. The improvement of the condition has gradually avoid injuries. Low and stable is the way for weight reduction and for the financial year.

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