Saturday, July 26, 2008

Variety is the Spice of your Vegetarian Child’s Diet

The dietary habits in early childhood. Choose a vegetarian diet can your child and his entire family the opportunity to learn, enjoy a variety of wonderful food. A variety of cereals, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and soy products, simply stay and joy to learn and good nutrition habits, the last a lifetime.
The children high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and grow to become thinner and healthier and live longer, even if their meat diet friends. It is much easier to create a nutritious diet plant foods, products of animal origin, saturated fat, cholesterol and other substances that each time when children can not. With regard to the essential nutrients, the food plants are the preferred source, because it has sufficient energy and protein-packed with other plants on the health of nutrients, such as fibres, the antioxidant vitamins, minerals, good and bold.
The complex carbohydrates in the whole grains, beans and vegetables provide the ideal energy for the nutrition of a child to life. In order to promote the consumption of brown rice, bread, wheat and all the noodles, oatmeal and corn flakes, so that the communities with fewer than barley grains, quinoa, millet and other, the promotion of fiber and the content of nutrients in the diet of children . In addition to helping the children of the difference to try to sugar drinks and sweets processed.
And while the children need proteins bred, they do not have high demand for animal proteins on the basis of food. Different varieties of cereals, beans, vegetables, fruit and abundance of supply of protein, the protein which is highly unlikely.
The very young children need a little more healthy fats in the diet than their parents. Sources fat content of products in the health of soy, avocado, nut and butter. The parents want to make sure that your child understands the regular intake of vitamin B-12, which is necessary to the functions of healthy nerve cells and blood. Vitamin B-12 is abundant in many commercial cereals, rice and soya milk, yeast and nutrition. Children must increasingly in the iron is located in a variety of beans and vegetables, green leafy vegetables and when they are in combination with vitamin C in fruits and vegetables, the absorption of iron is higher.

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