Wednesday, November 26, 2008


On the totality of the supplements on the basis of plants on the market today, ginseng is more widely used. Ginseng in the past has been replaced by a different name, "root of the people." because the root as a man. On this day, many people believe in the power of ginseng, because we believe that the healing and mystical powers. The ancient Chinese believed that if a plant looks like a part of the human body, an effect on healing of the body. In other words, if a plant is similar to the one hand have the ability to heal the hands. But since the ginseng as the entire organism is of the opinion that there is a balance and wellbeing throughout the body.

Ginseng contains complex carbohydrates, is an anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, and the elements in the fight against cancer. Announced today that many energy drinks with ginseng, because he is known for the creation of energy, it has been on the vanguard of the Chinese, but the Americans have another plan that ginseng is used to the mental clarity and treatment of stress. There was a growing relationship between the ginseng and its ability to physically and mentally to strengthen and a good balance to keep.

Is this really Russians, however, the discovery that Asians have found that ginseng mental help to improve the elimination of anemia and helps prevent diabetes, neurosis, cough, asthma and tuberculosis. Moreover, they found that it is very good for the liver and can also reduce the impact of a Kater.

It has no more state of research on the ginseng than in any other plant-based supplement, never. The problem is that often when people buy ginseng in various shops, in May more have been treated and are therefore not as efficient. The best way is to ensure that you are genuine and ginseng to do this, you buy May in the root. Odd, with all investigations and studies were conducted on Ginseng, the FDA has not approved. It is known that people with hypertension, heart disease, bleeding or blood clotting disorders or diabetes is not the ginseng unless you talk to your doctor.

It is true that most ginseng is widely recognized as a medicinal plant, which is also very common in teas and in the kitchen. Most people are aware of the infamous ginseng tea, but many do not know that ginseng is decided and is in soups and porridge, and often the project ", stir in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia tribunals, and adds the boiling water to rice . There is much for the common kitchen in Chinese, Korean, and Asian cuisine.

Ginseng is often used when cooking the chicken and flat mushrooms. Many people, even in some desserts Zing added. Often used in soups, salads and even frost. It seems that most people benefit from the advantages of ginseng for cooking are vegetarians, but it is becoming increasingly popular because people now learning the real benefit of this herb is very popular.

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