Sunday, August 31, 2008

3D Weight Loss

If I ask you know how much weight you want to lose, can you tell me?
Or are you going to say “Some weight”, which is what most dieters will say.
Ok, so when are you going to have that weight gone by?

If, as most of those who "some time" or a specific date.
So, that was a long time? And what is the true weight, how? Did you know? I bet that not. And if you do not know how to follow you never know whether you are there and the weight?

Since worked with hundreds of customers weight loss in my practice of hypnosis clinic, has quickly found that people with a loss of weight are the goals of individuals involved in the past few difficulties.

Many want to decrease? Keep in mind, and now write down somewhere, if necessary. Achieving an accurate information in his mind. Keep in mind that some weight is a completely superfluous, so that some books, some stones, a few kilograms. The exact value. Know exactly what your goal is to remove the weight and current weight. Then you know exactly how to liberate.

Once you know how you want to diminish your next step is to calculate if they want, weight loss.

It is a different location for an intake simple mistake. They have no deadline to achieve their weight loss goals, or whether only the data are not, as the only realistic means of achieving these objectives through the loss of a member!

Exactly decide when they want weight reduction from this. At what time (and some raw date is not enough), you reach your destination, weight? Establish a precise date, December 31, 2007.

Now you have a time limit to their ideal weight and how much weight you want to get rid of you in this moment. As the work of several months and weeks between now and their deadline. Calculate then, as the need to lose weight, every week and month.

For instance, if you 6 months separate us and give them time and 30 pounds to lose at this stage, is the loss of 5 pounds per month, slightly more than one book per week, that is quite possible.


1) Determine the amount you want to decrease / what your goal is weight
2) You decide whether you want to get rid of this weight, namely the time (and ensure that it is possible)
3) the weight divided by the time required by the amount of weight to lose every week and month

After these 3 D ensures that you achieve your goals weight loss.

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