Sunday, July 20, 2008

Menopause And Weight Gain

Speaking most women over 50 years, you quickly find that the menopause and weight, with their experience. It is very general to give more weight and the time, although some of these May-are due to the change in the way of life that not why we suddenly developed a tendency, the weight to take in different parts of the body, particularly in the abdomen, while the weight in cattle younger were focused on the hips.

The truth is that hormonal changes play a role to play, although the process is not yet fully understood. In postmenopausal women ovulate stop their monthly menstrual periods end, and your body produces much lower levels of oestrogen, the female hormone is responsible for ovulation. Lower estrogen has been shown to the weight gain in animals, and this is almost certainly the reason why our bodies are changing. While women age store fat in the bottom of the body after menopause is in the belly instead of how the men. This leads to an increased risk for heart disease.

At the same time, both men and women tended to the muscles, to fat, as they grow, and the metabolism slows. This means that if you are not their eating habits, you're likely to find that your weight increases. A person needs only 60 are not as many calories as a person of the 40th

Hormone therapy with estrogen is sometimes required in order to reduce the symptoms of menopause. Many women are surprised to hear that studies have shown that hormone therapy not only because of weight gain. Some women feel the tuber and fluid retention at the beginning of hormone therapy, but that is usually the time and was not all fat. Hormone therapy may reduce the risk of heart disease prevents the changes in the storage of body fat around the abdomen and lower cholesterol levels. However, the hormone therapy was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in some studies.

If you find that you are drunk in the menopausal years, there are several things you can do.

-- Healthy Eating, low fat diet with lots of fiber, the avoidance of sugar.

-- Take regular on the exercise. As the older people of their physical activity reduce course. The work is often less demanding on the physical level, there are no children to run, after all, if we do not actively and let things slow. 30 minutes moderate physical activity daily, the impact of this.

-- Keep your strength and muscle mass. Use the focus on the muscles of the arms and the foot or by bicycle around the legs.

-- Accept the changes the shape of your body. If you are overweight, but it ranges from smaller thick legs and narrow, which is good.

Visit your doctor before a program for the exercise, if you have the health condition or its ability levels are low. Your doctor can also help with the symptoms of menopause and weight gain.

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