Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fad Diets: Why Are They Bad?

As might be expected, many people wonder why the fashion diets are bad if they seem to achieve. There are many Web sites, and argued that the significant weight loss in a few days. This kind of weight reduction is always time. It is generally from 90% water, lives again as soon as réhydrate your body, you should do if they do not suffer from serious health problems or die.

Other dietary habits are not so clear accident diet with scandalous claims are hyped diet plans, which tend the mode for some time and usually too much money for the inventor in selling products. If Best is a good nutrition plans that will help you lose weight, but perhaps you can free on the website of your doctor. In the worst case it will be very difficult to him after a week.

The poor nutrition mode

1st The regulations, which promise a quick and easy solution to weight loss are usually based on more than eating a food, and nothing else. They do not reflect the benefits you'll receive a balanced diet. It May recommend you to take, but not many additions by the office, unless they are with the meals, the food. After a few weeks, if you look at that long, you can begin to develop nutritional deficiencies.

2nd Fad diets are usually boring and restrictive. After the founding of the first day or two, not less than their meals. Then start, constantly need food and nutrition. May you even feel guilty, thinking, it is your fault if you do not lose weight.

3rd Most food-mode is not the recommendations of the Association and the American Heart facilities comparable to the amount of fat in the diet. Often the recommended diet, with foods high in fat and low in carbohydrates when they are taken to a long-term heart disease. The promoters you say that food is only intended to be followed by a bit of time. But you probably have not reached their destination, weight at this time, and then what? It will continue with a plan that is not good for your health, or stop, and presumably, what they have lost.

4th Many nutrition mode is not enough to integrate portions of fruit and vegetables in their program for weight reduction, or enter the variety of foods your body needs.

5th A quick weight loss diet is only a temporary solution and not to help, the constant changes in their eating habits. The changes are the only way to remain in their weight goal, once it. Fad diets promote Jojo Hyperphagie in the cycle of rapid weight loss and rapid weight gain. This is bad for the health and self-esteem that the excessive weight, if they remained all the time.

Regardless of the advertising in May say that this scheme will not help long term. The best way to the loss of weight is varied and eat a healthy diet, not to, in the exercise regularly and avoid the way of nutrition.

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