Wednesday, July 16, 2008

3 Bad Diet Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost

Although there are a lot of information for weight loss, nutrition, the same mistakes are more and more every day. We are not talking of little slipups where you have a piece of cake, not in the plan, but the errors that lead to failure, you lose weight want to lose. The understanding of these errors, you can help the attitude that leads to weight loss lasting for you.

1st The all-or-nothing attitude

All or nothing to choose a food diet often, it is almost impossible for them. Before you begin, dealing with the kitchen for everything that is not in the plan and pull it into the trash. They provide the perfect Dieter, as well as for one day, three days, seven days or even weeks. Then, inevitably, which means that you do not, if the diet. Immediately, the entire ruin in the eyes and the food is finished. They will buy in a store, and all things are linked to the trash in the last week to recover and the weight that has lost everything as quickly as possible.

If this type of diet, you need to be some difficult questions. Do you really want to remove permanently, or just a few pounds to lose, so you benefit from the new? The way ahead is to minor changes in what you eat, so that a slow but steady weight loss.

2nd The attitude of Sacrifice

Another error, your diet as a time of the victims. Do not let the food you while on the way to his goal weight. You can create a large map of food and are very successful, the weight to lose, but what happens when you reached your destination? They have not learned to eat "bad food" in moderation, so that once you start, are likely to leave. It is better to do something in your diet and learn to enjoy in small quantities. Yes, even chocolate!

3rd The not the goal

Defining the objectives realized is crucial in any plan for weight loss. The objectives are clear, realistic and in writing. If it could ideal weight in his mind, unless they are very easy to high body weight is probably too far away to be useful. A useful would lose two books per week during the first five weeks, then a book a week. Some weeks you lose more, others less, a few weeks in May even win, but if your progress on a chart, sees the ups and downs are not, of course, and progress regularly to his goal.

If this mistake, do not worry. The most important point in the diet as well as in many other things, to the front. From their failures and their success and not a mistake as an excuse to abort. The only way, its purpose is a permanent commitment to a healthy person. Do not forget that the food normally eat a few days longer and others less. Get to benefit from foods in moderation and you have all possibilities to avoid these mistakes, poor diet.

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