Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weight Loss Drinks: The Pros and Cons

You also wanted to start your diet but it gets too tedious with all the calories and label-scrutinising. Now it is late and you are contemplating an alternative diet… Yes, weight loss drinks or liquid meal replacements are the lazy man’s (or rather woman’s) shortcut to a slimmer silhouette. Do they work? I shall touch on the pros and cons of such weight loss drinks and you can make a better decision for yourself.

Some people swear by weight loss drinks for the time saved and convenience offered. Unlike simply adding water to your shake, conventional diets usually require one to tediously count calories of almost every food item that goes into their mouths (yikes!), hunt around for the lowest-fat foods stated in recipes. What’s worst? Actually preparing the darn meal! Thus meal replacements are great when you simply have no time to prepare their meal or even eat! Think of your skipped breakfast this morning. So instead of going on an empty stomach, just grab a diet shake. Furthermore, studies have shown that people who have breakfast had better weight control than those who do not.

So how effective are these? Weight loss drinks are a sure winner for those who absolutely have to keep to their calorie count. This is because for conventional diets, it is not possible to keep in check the calorie count of each ingredient. Who knows the exact calorie count of the papapya or kueh you just ate right? Secondly, meal replacements do have their success stories. Studies have shown that weight loss drinks can lose you as much weight as conventional diets. Moreover, unlike the latter, the weight loss is lasting when participants continued replacing one meal with a shake for a year (Journal of the American Dietetic Association).

If your shakes can also make a big difference. As a good hearty breakfast is advocated to jumpstart your day, this may be the meal you want to spend your calorie allotment. Why not, because with good food will certainly perk up and you have the energy to last you through the day. The dinner is a good time to drink your weight if you metabolism slows in the evening, because it prepares for peace. Moreover, you will not lose many calories bumming around in the front of the home television, will you?

However, a big concern about weight loss drinks is that it lacks fibre and the whole spectrum of nutrients derived from eating a variety of foods and, of course! After shaking the same limits you to the same types of food produced in the shakes. Secondly, as already stated, their users to lose weight when they were the replacement of at least a simple meal with a shake, that's logical. However, if a dieter would be so disciplined to maintain its agitation, I am sure that her weight loss is attributable to solve her than her shaking. Finally, unlike a conventional diet, one also does not have to choose foods wisely and counting calories. Not very useful for a long-term weight loss

Nonetheless, I personally feel that the taking of weight loss drinks is fine if you occasionally or that you use it to replace only one meal per day. Also keep in mind that weight loss methods are not a one-size-fits-all and then you have to tweak to your own needs

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