Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Liquid Weight Loss Diets - A Necessary Evil?

In this superficial age where thin is in, there are multifarious liquid weight loss diets that you can find. Here are some popular low- calorie, low-fat ones which I suggest you only use in times of emergency. Having to fit into your wedding gown in one week is probably the only reason I will accept.

The Cabbage Soup diet lasts for one week. The name is pretty self-explanatory. You can have all the soup you want till you thoroughly abhor it. There are no restrictions on vegetables, fruits (except bananas. However, Day Four is the day you eat not less than eight bananas so you can get sick of it. Sadistic huh?) and non-sweetened fluids. However, there is a very limited set of strictly- stipulated foods for everyday of the week. This maybe a healthy alternative to a week of junk but it may backfire when you swear never to touch vegetable or its soups in your life after this.

If you are one who must have some solid food to sustain you, steer clear of this weight loss plan. This is an extremist liquid weight loss diet as it allows no food at all for 10 days! Yucks! Its formula: an eclectic blend of spring water, lemon juice, organic maple syrup and cayenne pepper. You take this about 10 times a day, along with 1 glass each of laxative tea and salt water. This formula is actually meant as a detoxification regime but people use it as a diet too. This is absolutely crazy and the logic behing this diet goes against common sense. If you are as insane as to want to take up this programme, I suggest you book a flight to Africa. You wil not be alone when you starve to death.

The Grapefruit diet is a 12-day liquid diet weight loss. You get your fill of black coffee, vegetables and meat until you grapefruit or its juice to go with your three meals. It is also obliged to have eggs and bacon every morning! However, this seems the most durable of all food, be warned, because studies have found that an excessive consumption of the fruit may increase the risk of breast cancer. Secondly, with so much butter, bacon and eggs every day in May defeat your purpose of a diet, because you could die of high cholesterol or clogged arteries. I also do not understand the logic of some of his � � ~ � � rules�. First, you can eat all the meat � � ~ till you stuffed� � � Secondly, can you all you want butter and even your vegetables with them. I do not think it is unnecessary to explain why I think this is ridiculous. It seems as if the designers were woozy in the head on a diet, when they came up with this scheme.

In general I am personally quite appalled at the wide variety of liquid weight loss diets.
Common sense tells me that they alone will never work if you're looking for a sustainable and healthy weight loss. We simply can not get even half of the required nutrients on a liquid diet. A personal account. Stay away from such nonsense. Period.

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